Physiological secretion of chemokines in human breast milk.

  title={Physiological secretion of chemokines in human breast milk.},
  author={Colin A. Michie and Eva Tantscher and Thomas Schall and Antal Rot},
  journal={European cytokine network},
  volume={9 2},
Human breast milk has been observed to contain high concentrations of the chemotactic cytokines (chemokines) interleukin-8 (IL-8) and RANTES. Concentrations are greatest in colostrum, but are measurable in milk after several months of lactation. These chemokines are also found in the secretions of patients with galactorrhoea and in the "witch's milk" of the newborn. Chemokine levels show good correlation with the sodium levels but not with cell counts or the creamatocrit of the secreted milk… CONTINUE READING

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