Physiological role of silent receptors of atrial natriuretic factor.

  title={Physiological role of silent receptors of atrial natriuretic factor.},
  author={Thomas L Maack and Masashige Suzuki and Francisco de Assis Almeida and Daniel R. Nussenzveig and Robert Murry Scarborough and Glenn A. McEnroe and John A. Lewicki},
  volume={238 4827},
A ring-deleted analog of atrial natriuretic factor--des[Gln18, Ser19, Gly20, Leu21, Gly22] ANF4-23-NH2 (C-ANF4-23)--binds with high affinity to approximately 99% of ANF receptors in the isolated perfused rat kidney. In this preparation, C-ANF4-23 is devoid of detectable renal effects and does not antagonize any of the known renal hemodynamic and natriuretic actions of biologically active ANF1-28. In contrast, both C-ANF4-23 and ANF1-28 increase sodium excretion and decrease blood pressure in… CONTINUE READING