Physiological responses of bacteria in biofilms to disinfection.

  title={Physiological responses of bacteria in biofilms to disinfection.},
  author={Feiwen Yu and Gordon A. McFeters},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={60 7},
In situ enumeration methods using fluorescent probes and a radioisotope labelling technique were applied to evaluate physiological changes of Klebsiella pneumoniae within biofilms after disinfection treatment. Chlorine (0.25 mg of free chlorine per liter [pH 7.2]) and monochloramine (1 mg/liter [pH 9.0]) were employed as disinfectants in the study. Two fluorgenic compounds, 5-cyano-2,3-ditolyl tetrazolium chloride and rhodamine 123, and tritiated uridine incorporation were chosen for assessment… CONTINUE READING
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