Physiological response of halophytes to multiple stresses.

  title={Physiological response of halophytes to multiple stresses.},
  author={K. B. Hamed and Hasna Ellouzi and O. Talbi and K. Hessini and I. Slama and Taher Ghnaya and S. M. Bosch and A. Savour and C. Abdelly},
  journal={Functional plant biology : FPB},
  volume={40 9},
  • K. B. Hamed, Hasna Ellouzi, +6 authors C. Abdelly
  • Published 2013
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Functional plant biology : FPB
  • As halophytes grow vigorously in saline soils, they serve as extraordinary resources for the identification and development of new crop systems. Understanding the mechanisms of tolerance of halophytes to salinity in combination with other co-occurring constraints such as drought, flooding, heavy metals and nutrient deficiencies, would facilitate efforts to use halophytes for saline land revegetation, as well as provide new insights that might be considered in future breeding of plants for salt… CONTINUE READING
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