Physiological mechanism for enhancement of paracellular drug transport.

  title={Physiological mechanism for enhancement of paracellular drug transport.},
  author={Masahiko Hayashi and Takamasa Sakai and Yoshihisa Hasegawa and T Nishikawahara and Hiroshi Tomioka and Aya Iida and Nao Shimizu and Mikio Tomita and Shoji Awazu},
  journal={Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society},
  volume={62 1-2},
We examined the action mechanisms of enhancers that improve paracellular drug transport. For sodium caprate (C10), the increase in the intracellular calcium level was considered to induce the contraction of calmodulin-dependent actin filaments, followed by dilation of the paracellular pathway. Although decanoylcarnitine (DC) also increased the intracellular calcium level, the action was independent of calmodulin and thus, the action mechanism of acylcarnitines was considered to differ from that… CONTINUE READING


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