Physiological disposition of verapamil in man.

  title={Physiological disposition of verapamil in man.},
  author={M Schomerus and Bertold Spiegelhalder and B Stieren and Michel F Eichelbaum},
  journal={Cardiovascular research},
  volume={10 5},
14C-D,L-verapamil was administered intravenously (10 mg) and orally (80 mg) to five volunteer patients. Plasma concentrations of verapamil, which were determined by mass fragmentography, declined bi-exponentially with half-lives of the chi-phase ranging from 18 to 35 min and of the beta-phase from 170 to 440 min. The apparent volume of distribution ranged from 270 to 460 litre and plasma clearance from 730 to 1980 ml/min. Following oral administration absorption was almost complete as judged… CONTINUE READING


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