Physiological and clinical outcome of anterior sphincteroplasty.

  title={Physiological and clinical outcome of anterior sphincteroplasty.},
  author={Let{\'i}cia Gandolfi de Oliveira and Johann Pfeifer and Steven D. Wexner},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={83 4},
A total of 55 women underwent sphincteroplasty for the treatment of faecal incontinence related to anterior defects. Patients were followed prospectively for a mean of 29 months to evaluate the outcome overall and according to age. All patients were evaluated clinically by means of a questionnaire and graded using an incontinence scoring system ranging from 0 (perfect continence) to 20 (complete incontinence). Some 52 patients (95 per cent) had had a previous vaginal delivery and 30 (55 per… CONTINUE READING

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