Physiological and biochemical properties of the bacterial association of Klebsiella terrigena E6 and Bacillus firmus E3

  title={Physiological and biochemical properties of the bacterial association of Klebsiella terrigena E6 and Bacillus firmus E3},
  author={A. K. Zlotnikova and M. Kazakova and K. Zlotnikov and A. V. Kazakov and M. M. Umarov},
  journal={Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology},
Physiological and biochemical properties of the natural rhizospheric association of Klebsiella terrigena E6 and Bacillus firmus E3 were studied. It was demonstrated that this association fixed actively molecular nitrogen at a rate of 110 nmol ethylene per 1 mg protein per h. The dynamics of bacterial population in the association and in pure cultures were studied. The properties of this association depended on the ratio of its components; the maximal nitrogen fixation was recorded at a content… Expand
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