Physiologic effects of noninvasive ventilation during acute lung injury.

  title={Physiologic effects of noninvasive ventilation during acute lung injury.},
  author={Erwan L'Her and Nicolas Deye and Francois Lellouche and Solenne Taill{\'e} and Alexandre Demoule and Amanda Fraticelli and Jordi Mancebo and Laurent Brochard},
  journal={American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine},
  volume={172 9},
A prospective, crossover, physiologic study was performed in 10 patients with acute lung injury to assess the respective short-term effects of noninvasive pressure-support ventilation and continuous positive airway pressure. We measured breathing pattern, neuromuscular drive, inspiratory muscle effort, arterial blood gases, and dyspnea while breathing with minimal support and the equipment for measurements, with two combinations of pressure-support ventilation above positive end-expiratory… CONTINUE READING