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Physiochemical, Functional and Structural Characterization of Wheat Germin Using In silico Methods

  title={Physiochemical, Functional and Structural Characterization of Wheat Germin Using In silico Methods},
  author={Vinita Hooda},
  • Vinita Hooda
  • Published 2011
  • Chemistry
  • Wheat germin, an oxal ate oxidase possesses high proteolytic and thermal stability but is poorly characterized. Three dimensional structure of wheat germin is also not available at PDB. The present paper uses bioinformatics approach to describe the physiochemical, functional and structural properties of wheat germin. The three dimensional structure of wheat germin is pred icted by ho mology m odelling using the highly homologous barley germin as template. The model was evaluated with PROCHECK… CONTINUE READING
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