Physio-Environmental Sensing and Live Modeling

  title={Physio-Environmental Sensing and Live Modeling},
  author={Val{\'e}rie Gay and Filippo Castiglione and Vanessa Diaz and Andrea Gaggioli and Pietro Li{\`o} and Claudia Mazz{\`a} and Emanuela Merelli and Carel G.M Meskers and Francesco Pappalardo and Rainer von Ammon},
  booktitle={Interactive journal of medical research},
In daily life, humans are constantly interacting with their environment. Evidence is emerging that this interaction is a very important modulator of health and well-being, even more so in our rapidly ageing society. Information and communication technology lies at the heart of the human health care revolution. It cannot remain acceptable to use out of date data analysis and predictive algorithms when superior alternatives exist. Communication network speed, high penetration of home broadband… CONTINUE READING

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