Physics of the Earth's crust; discussion

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  • C. E. Dutton
  • Published 1 April 1882
  • Geology
  • American Journal of Science
The Rise and Fall of the Davisian Cycle of Erosion: Prelude, Fugue, Coda, and Sequel
The Cycle of Erosion formulated by the American geographer William Morris Davis in the 1880s remained the dominant paradigm in geomorphology well into the 20th century, before it waned in response to
  • Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics
  • 2021
  • A. Watts
  • Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics
  • 2020
Dynamic geomorphology: historical convergence towards modern practice
Abstract Geomorphology, the study of landforms and the processes that shape them, emerged in its modern form in the mid-twentieth century and continues to change. Its practice, however, derives from
Quaternary Sea-Level Changes: A Global Perspective
Preface Acknowledgements List of abbreviations 1. Sea-level changes: the emergence of a Quaternary perspective 2. The causes of Quaternary sea-level changes 3. Palaeo sea-level indicators 4. Methods
1.10 Tectonism, Climate, and Geomorphology