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Physics at the CLIC multi-TeV linear collider

  title={Physics at the CLIC multi-TeV linear collider},
  author={Clic Physics Working Group E. Accomando and A. Aranda and Engin Ateser and Csaba Bal{\'a}zs and D. Bardin and Timothy Barklow and M. Battaglia and Wim Beenakker and Stefan Berge and G. S. Blair and Eduard Boos and F. Boudjema and H. M. Braun and Piyabut Burikham and H. Burkhardt and Matteo Cacciari and Orhan Cakir and Abbas Kenan Ciftci and R. Çiftçi and Brian E. Cox and C. Da Via and Anindya Datta and Stefania de Curtis and A. De Roeck and Markus Diehl and Abdelhak Djouadi and Daniele Dominici and John Ellis and Arnaud Ferrari and Jeffrey R. Forshaw and A. Frey and Gian Francesco Giudice and R. Godbole and Magali Gruwe and Gilbert Guignard and Tao Han and Sven Heinemeyer and Clemens A. Heusch and Joanne L. Hewett and Stanislaw Jadach and Pierre Jarron and Christopher J. Kenney and Zerrin Kirca and Michael Klasen and Kyoungchul Kong and M. Kramer and Sabine Kraml and Greg Landsberg and J. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz and Konstantin T. Matchev and G. Moortgat-pick and Milada M. Muhlleitner and Otto Nachtmann and Felix Nagel and Keith A. Olive and G. Pancheri and Luc Pape and Sherwood. Parker and Mauro Piccolo and Werner Porod and Erdal Recepoğlu and Peter J. Richardson and Tord Riemann and Thomas Gerard Rizzo and Michael T. Ronan and C. Royon and L. Salmi and Daniel Schulte and Ronald Dean Settles and Torbjorn Sjostrand and Michael Spira and Saleh Sultansoy and V. I. Telnov and Daniel Treille and Mayda M. Velasco and Claudio Verzegnassi and Georg Weiglein and J. Weng and Thorsten Wengler and Anja Werthenbach and Graham Wilson and Ian H Wilson and Frank Zimmermann},
This report summarizes a study of the physics potential of the CLIC e + e - linear collider operating at centre-of-mass energies from 1 TeV to 5 TeV with luminosity of the order of 10 35 cm -2 s -1 . First, the CLIC collider complex is surveyed, with emphasis on aspects related to its physics capabilities, particularly the luminosity and energy, and also possible polarization, γγ and e + e - collisions. The next CLIC Test facility, CTF3, and its R&D programme are also reviewed. We then discuss… 

CLIC e+e- Linear Collider Studies

This document provides input from the CLIC e+e- linear collider studies to the update process of the European Strategy for Particle Physics. It is submitted on behalf of the CLIC/CTF3 collaboration

CLIC e + e Linear Collider Studies Input to the update process of the European Strategy for Particle Physics

This document provides input from the CLIC e+e- linear collider studies to the update process of the European Strategy for Particle Physics. It is submitted on behalf of the CLIC/CTF3 collaboration

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