Physics at BES_III

  title={Physics at BES_III},
  author={David Mark Asner and Ted Barnes and Jianming Bian and Ikaros I.Y. Bigi and Norma Brambilla and I. R. Boyko and Vladimir Bytev and K. T. Chao and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Charles and H. X. Chen and Jyun Chen Chen and Yong Q. Chen and H. Y. Cheng and Dmitry Dedovich and S'ebastien Descotes-Genon and C. D. Fu and Xavier Garcia i Tormo and Yn Gao and K. L. He and Zi Guang He and J. F. Hu and Huai Hu and Bin Huang and Yongfei Jia and Hy Jin and S. Jin and Y. P. Kuang and H. M. Lacker and Huaixing Li and Joshua Le-Wei Li and W. D. Li and X. Y. Li and B. J. Liu and H. H. Liu and Jiurong Liu and Hanwu Ma and Jun Ping Ma and Yaxian Mao and X. H. Mo and Stephen Lars Olsen and Antonio Pich and Antonio Pineda and Ronggang G. Ping and C. F. Qiao and G. Qin and Huilin Qin and J. Michael Roney and Guo Rong and Lydia Roos and Xiaoyan Shen and Joan Soto and A. Stahl and Shu Sen Sun and S T'jampens and Antonio Vairo and Peiliang Wang and Y. F. Wang and Y. K. Wang and N. Wu and Yue Liang Wu and Z. Z. Xing and Guofa Xu and Ming Xu and Ming Zhong Yang and Y. D. Yang and Changzheng Yuan and Dahua Zhang and Ding Yong Zhang and Jiang Yu Zhang and Z. X. Zhang and Xi Miao Zhang and Xiu Yun Zhang and Yinglong J. Zhang and Qiang Zhao and Alexey Zhemchugov and Hui Zheng and Yin Huan Zheng and Ming-shou Zhong and S.-L. Zhu and Y. S. Zhu and V. P. Zhuravl’ov and Bing Song Zou and Jia Hui Zou},
  • David Mark Asner, Ted Barnes, +82 authors Jia Hui Zou
  • Published 2008
  • Physics
  • This physics book provides detailed discussions on important topics in $\tau$-charm physics that will be explored during the next few years at \bes3 . Both theoretical and experimental issues are covered, including extensive reviews of recent theoretical developments and experimental techniques. Among the subjects covered are: innovations in Partial Wave Analysis (PWA), theoretical and experimental techniques for Dalitz-plot analyses, analysis tools to extract absolute branching fractions and… CONTINUE READING

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