Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect

  title={Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect},
  author={A. Barone and Gianfranco Patern{\`o}},
Weak Superconductivity - Phenomenological Aspects. Microscopic Theory. Magnitude and Temperature Dependence of the Critical Current. ''Small'' Junctions in a Magnetic Field. Large Junctions - Static Self Field Effects. Current Voltage Characteristics. Other Superconducting Weak Link Structures. Device Fabrication Technology. Resonant Modes in Tunneling Structures. Fluxon Dynamics. High Frequency Properties and Applications of the Josephson Effect. Josephson Junctions in Super-conducting Loops… 
Dynamical states in long Josephson junctions
The magnetic field dependence of structures appearing in the current-voltage characteristics of long Josephson tunnel junctions is employed as a technique to characterize junctions dynamical states.
Low-field magnetic response of multi-junction superconducting quantum interference devices
Abstract.The magnetic states of multi-junction superconducting quantum interference device containing 2N identical conventional Josephson junctions are studied by means of a perturbation analysis
Basic Physics of Superconductivity and Josephson Effects
The Josephson junctions exhibit a rich variety of phenomena which have enhanced our fundamental understanding of quantum Physics and also led to the development of several versatile devices. The
Superconductive Devices and Materials
This chapter discusses some of the applications of superconductivity. After a brief review, the wave function for a condensed phase of Cooper pairs is introduced and used to discuss the Josephson
Frontiers Problems of the Josephson Effect: From Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena Decay to High- T c Superconductivity
The macroscopic quantum decay phenomena occurring in Josephson structures represent one of the most intriguing issues of the weak coupling superconductivity, due to both fundamental physics
Magnetic interference patterns in superconducting junctions: Effects of anharmonic current-phase relations
A microscopic theory of the magnetic-field modulation of critical currents is developed for plane Josephson junctions with anharmonic current-phase relations. The results obtained allow examining
We examine electronic dissipative properties of layered superconductors when the dc magnetic field is applied. Assuming a tunneling nature of the c-axis transport that consists of Josephson (JT) and
Magnetic field patterns in Josephson junctions
The critical currents of Pb/Ag/Pb Josephson junctions have been measured as a function of magnetic field and temperature in order to study the types of magnetic field distributions that occur in