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  • Published 1962
  • Physics
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On the 1D Infinitely Deep Square Quantum Well
: The one-dimensional infinitely deep square quantum well inherited its name from an ordinary rigid box (the properties of the box), and is considered to be one of the most elementary problems in
Dark matter gets DAMPE at high energies
The DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) mission revealed a break in the spectrum of cosmic-ray electons and positrons. This is associated with an excess above the expected backgrounds at energies
Properties of decaying relativistic particles: "GSI anomaly" like effects
We study the survival probability of moving relativistic unstable particles and we found the integral representation of the survival amplitude for such particles moving with constant momentum ~ 6 0.
Adaptive Control of 2D Discrete-Time Ushiki System with Uncertain Parameters or Not
In this paper, adaptive control approach with uncertain parameters or not for 2D discrete-time Ushiki system is discussed both theoretically and numerically. Based on the Lyapunov stability theorem
Constraint on Cosmological Model with Matter Creation Using Type Ia Supernovae and Gamma-ray Bursts Observations
Using a collection of 12 γ-ray burst (GRBs) sample and 186 Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) data containing 157 gold and 29 silver set, we make constraints on the cosmological model with adiabatic matter
Wavelet Electrodynamics II: Atomic Composition of Electromagnetic Waves
The representation of solutions of Maxwell's equations as superpositions of scalar wavelets with vector coefficients developed earlier is generalized to wavelets with polarization, which are
A ug 2 00 0 Thermo-refractive noise in gravitational wave antennae
Thermodynamical fluctuations of temperature in mirrors of gravitational wave antennae may be transformed into additional noise not only through thermal expansion coefficient [1] but also through
On the Geometry of Texture
Abstract : We consider texture images as a composition of manifolds in the feature-space. This geometrical interpretation leads to a natural way for texture enhancement. A flow, based on manifold
Energy Minimization Problem and Routes to Chaos in Wavelet Approach
The explicit time description of optimal dynamics for nonlinear diierential systems of equations (energy minimization in high power electromechanical system) and computation of Melnikov functions for
Single classical field description of interacting scalar fields
We test the degree to which interacting Bosonic systems can be approximated by a classical field as total occupation number is increased. This is done with our publicly available code repository,