Physics: Make nanotechnology research open-source

  title={Physics: Make nanotechnology research open-source},
  author={Joshua M. Pearce},
To drive innovation at the nanoscale, the patent thicket must be chopped down, argues Joshua M. Pearce. 
From Open Access to Open Science: The Path From Scientific Reality to Open Scientific Communication
Although opening up of research is considered an appropriate and trend-setting model for future scientific communication, it can still be difficult to put open science into practice. How open and
Intellectual Property Policy at The Neuro, an Open Science Institute
How The Neuro conceives of the relationship between open science, neuroscience, and intellectual property; how it came to its current policy by examining both broad and Neuro specific innovation trends; and why it believes minimizing academic intellectual property is key to the future of neuroscience research are described.
Distributed Manufacturing of Open Source Medical Hardware for Pandemics
  • Joshua M. Pearce
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing
  • 2020
This study reviews the state-of-the-art of open hardware designs needed in a COVID-19-like pandemic and evaluates the readiness of the top twenty technologies requested by the Government of India.
Is the Patent System the Way Forward with the CRISPR-Cas 9 Technology?
The central argument is that today the biggest challenge is finding a intermediary way that ensures a balance between providing sufficient openness for the further progress of basic research in CRISPR-Cas 9 and adequate intellectual property rights to incentivise its commercialisation and application.


The Handbook of Nanotechnology: Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law
This book discusses Nanotechnology Policy and Regulation, the Industrial Structure Giving Rise to Nanotechnology, and its implications for Societal and Ethical Implications.
Carbon Nanotube Patent Thickets
Current intellectual property issues in nanotechnology
Abstract To the extent that the USPTO issues a proliferation of broad and potentially overlapping nanotechnology patents, the development of a nanotechnology patent thicket could impede the licensing
Nanotechnology: A Review
Nanotechnology is an engineering of functional systems at the molecular level, covers a broad range of topics and is focused on controlling and exploiting the structure of matter on a large scale
Building Research Equipment with Free, Open-Source Hardware
Theopen-source paradigm is now enabling creation of open-source scientific hardware by combining three-dimensional (3D) printing with open- source microcontrollers running on FOSS.
Are Universities Patent Trolls?
The confluence of two significant developments in modern patent practice leads me to write a paper with such a provocative title. The first development is the rise of hold-up as a primary component
Hearts and minds and nanotechnology.
New research by social scientists is presenting a clearer picture of the factors that influence the public perception of nanotechnology and, as Chris Toumey reports, the results present challenges