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Physicochemical Property Changes of Whole Soymilk Dependent on Hydrolysis Conditions

  title={Physicochemical Property Changes of Whole Soymilk Dependent on Hydrolysis Conditions},
  author={Se-Young Jang and Young-Ah Gu and N. Y. Park and In-Sun Kim and Y. J. Jeong},
In this study, the characteristic qualities of whole soymilk were examined based on differing hydrolysis condition. The results showed that as the concentration of enzyme preparation(KMF-G) increase, , calcium-binding capacity, and the content of free amino acid components also increased. Additionally SDS-PAGE analysis revealed a similar pattern of in the molecular weight of proteins at enzyme preparation concentration 0.20 and 0.35%(w/w). The quality of whole soymilk hydrolysate was shown to… 
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