Physico-chemical properties of the heat-induced 'superaggregates' of amphotericin B.

  title={Physico-chemical properties of the heat-induced 'superaggregates' of amphotericin B.},
  author={François Gaboriau and Monique Ch{\'e}ron and Lo{\"i}c Leroy and Jacques Bolard},
  journal={Biophysical chemistry},
  volume={66 1},
The aggregation state of amphotericin B (AmB) was previously reported to modulate its therapeutic efficiency. As a preliminary study to test the biological effects of 'superaggregates' generated by heat treatment, we present spectroscopic data related to their formation in aqueous solutions. Drastic changes in the AmB aggregation state in water were shown to occur on heating at 50-60 degrees C. The concentration of the aggregates formed at high (A(t)) or room (A) temperature, and the… CONTINUE READING