[Physicians as leaders. Evaluation of a leadership training program for physicians (Medled)].


In September 1990, 40 doctors started a two year management training programme consisting of six one week courses organised by the Norwegian Medical Association. The programme was evaluated, and this article presents the results of two of the methods, used for evaluation: the first an interview with 12 participants, and the second a questionnaire answered by participants, colleagues at the same department and colleagues at other hospitals (a control group) before and after the course. Compared with colleagues from the same department and from the control group the participants had changed their attitude towards important questions of management. They had become more concerned about the importance of motivating the staff, that the department should give priority to the hospital's objectives in preference to own interests, and that the ultimate responsibility for the department should reside in one person and this person should be a doctor with a relevant specialty. The results of the questionnaire survey are confirmed by the results of the interviews. In addition the results of the interviews suggest that, during the management training programme, the participants had changed from an individual-oriented to a more group-oriented style of management.

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