[Physicians and the National Insurance System].


The National Insurance Scheme will spend more than the half of its budget for 1989 for purposes linked to activities performed by (medical) doctors. The scheme transfers NOK 25 billion to cover health services. Additionally, an amount of more than NOK 30 billion is spent on cash benefits related to sickness, rehabilitation and permanent disability. This article focuses on the importance the Norwegian doctor attaches to the assignment of benefits under the National Insurance Scheme. The purpose is not to promote a campaign in order to save money on behalf of the National Insurance Scheme, but to promote a more common attitude among doctors concerning their relation to social insurance and the information they provide. The article presents points of view expressing the possibility of too low consumption as well as too high consumption of benefits. Some of this may be compensated by doctors being more aware of the consequences of their activities for the National Insurance Scheme, and for the patient.

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@article{Walmann1989PhysiciansAT, title={[Physicians and the National Insurance System].}, author={B I Walmann and Terje Vigen}, journal={Tidsskrift for den Norske l{\ae}geforening : tidsskrift for praktisk medicin, ny r{\ae}kke}, year={1989}, volume={109 22}, pages={2146-8} }