Physician participation in Medicaid managed care.


Medicaid programs throughout the United States are moving away from fee-for-service medicine and increasingly towards managed care models in attempts to control rising health care costs. This study examines the participation of physicians in Arizona's prepaid, managed care Medicaid program, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). In particular, it considers the reasons that physicians decide to participate in AHCCCs, and for participants, the possible impact of these reasons on whether they participate fully or on a limited basis. A mail survey was sent to 300 primary care physicians in Arizona, of which 171 completed surveys were returned. Results suggested that physicians tend to participate because of reimbursement, approval of the 'type' of medicine that managed care allows them to practice, and their belief in Medicaid-type programs. Physician attitudes toward the patients, while generally negative, do not keep them from participating in Medicaid. However, the type of patients in AHCCCS is related to physician satisfaction with the AHCCCS health plans, as is reimbursement. The study indicates differences in the reasons for participation between Arizona's physicians and those in fee-for-service Medicaid programs of other states.

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