Physician Burnout-A Serious Symptom, But of What?

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Occupational Depression in a Spanish-Speaking Sample: Associations with Cognitive Performance and Work-Life Characteristics
This 386-participant study investigated the structural and psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Occupational Depression Inventory (ODI). Exploratory structural equation modeling
Is Burnout a Depressive Condition? A 14-Sample Meta-Analytic and Bifactor Analytic Study
There is no consensus on whether burnout constitutes a depressive condition or an original entity requiring specific medical and legal recognition. In this study, we examined burnout–depression
Are We "Burned Out" or Just "Burned"…on Burnout Research?
  • M. Mariscalco
  • Psychology
    Pediatric critical care medicine : a journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies
  • 2019
Job dissatisfaction, ‘burnout’ and alienation of labour: undercurrents in England’s NHS
The NHS is heavily reliant on professional staff with high-level clinical skills that take many years to acquire, and the position has worsened in nursing and midwifery, hospital medicine, mental health services, paramedics and general practice.
Adapting despite “walls coming down”: Healthcare providers’ experiences of COVID-19 as an implosive adaptation
How healthcare providers navigated and adapted to on-the-ground challenges imposed by COVID-19 and the language of reality check, scramble and pivot provides a framework for teams to talk about and make sense of their approaches to crisis, even beyond the CO VID-19 pandemic.
Relationship Between Physician Burnout And The Quality And Cost Of Care For Medicare Beneficiaries Is Complex.
Linking survey data from 1,064 family physicians to Medicare claims found no consistent statistically significant relationship between seven categories of self-reported burnout and measures of ambulatory care-sensitive admissions, ambulatory Care-sensitive emergency department visits, readmissions, or costs.
A paradigm shift from burnout to occupational depression.
Orthopaedic Surgeons Have a High Prevalence of Burnout, Depression, and Suicide: Review of Factors Which Contribute or Reduce Further Harm.
The issue of physician burnout and depression is documents and recommendations regarding necessary changes to counteract mental illness in orthopaedic surgeons are made.
Burnout and Burnt Breakfast: A Clinician and Educator’s Perspective
  • M. Midha
  • Education
    American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine
  • 2022
It is clear that burnout is on the rise among physicians. 1 And while there are articles detailing areas that could be addressed, 2 change takes time, and progress on a large scale is slow. While we


Maslach burnout inventory manual
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Association of Clinical Specialty With Symptoms of Burnout and Career Choice Regret Among US Resident Physicians
Symptoms of burnout and career choice regret were prevalent, but varied substantially by clinical specialty, and training in urology, neurology, emergency medicine, and general surgery were associated with higher relative risks of reported symptoms of burnouts relative to training in internal medicine.
Prevalence of Burnout Among Physicians: A Systematic Review
There was substantial variability in prevalence estimates of burnout among practicing physicians and marked variation in burnout definitions, assessment methods, and study quality.
Charter on Physician Well-being.
Dedication to serving the interest of the patient is at the heart of medicine’s contract with society. When physicians are well, they are best able to meaningfully connect with and care for patients.
Physician Well-being and the Regenerative Power of Caring.
The photographs of Dr Ceriani document the seemingly unimaginable and unmanageable stress and loneliness of his job, but there is no evidence of the depersonalization, loss of job satisfaction, or inability to care that characterizes the current reports of physician burnout.
The Problems With Burnout Research.
The authors suggest that the term "burnout" may be misused and recommend some reconsideration of the meaning of burnout, and recommend a consistent measurement approach and a focus on physician wellness from a positive psychology perspective.