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Physically attractive presenters and persuasion: an experimental investigation of alternative explanations for the "Patzer effect"

  title={Physically attractive presenters and persuasion: an experimental investigation of alternative explanations for the "Patzer effect"},
  author={Sandra Praxmarer and John R. Rossiter},
This experiment was designed to test alternative explanations for the powerful positive effect of the presenter’s facial attractiveness on persuasion found by Patzer (1985). The explanations tested are: (a) a “conscious Patzer effect” whereby the attractiveness of the presenter prompts conscious cognitive-response inferences about the presenter’s expertise and trustworthiness; (b) a “subconscious Patzer effect” whereby attractiveness persuades via beliefs about the presenter’s expertise and… 

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reviewers for their valuable and constructive comments and Professor Dr. Heribert Gierl for his support. Sandra Praxmarer is Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Augsburg, Department of