Physical workload on neck and upper limb using two CAD applications.

  title={Physical workload on neck and upper limb using two CAD applications.},
  author={Jeannette Unge Bystr{\"o}m and Gert-{\AA}ke Hansson and Lars Rylander and K. Ohlsson and Gabriella K{\"a}llrot and Staffan Skerfving},
  journal={Applied ergonomics},
  volume={33 1},
The aim was to evaluate (1) the physical workload on neck and upper limb in computer-aided design (CAD) work; (2) the impact of two applications (PROFESSIONAL-CADAM and PRO/Engineering) and (3) two input devices (computer mouse and keyboard), as well as (4) sitting and standing work positions. Fifteen CAD operators were interviewed and examined physically. For nine subjects, the physical workload was measured: electromyography (EMG) of trapezius and forearm extensor muscles, inclinometry of the… CONTINUE READING

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