Physical treatment of foot deformities in childhood.


During the period of development foot deformities can occur, not only during the growth and development, but also in the later age. The most frequent foot deformity is flatfoot, congenital club foot and hallux valgus. Prior to the decision on surgical treatment of the deformity, whenever possible the patient should be referred for physical therapy that may yield acceptable results in specific treatment phases. The basis of the treatment involves kinesitherapy, application of certain agents (thermotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound) and orthosis for maintaining corrections. If such therapy does not yield satisfactory results, the deformity is surgically corrected. After surgical correction, physical procedures can contribute to more rapid recovery and decrease possible complications (pain, edema, complex regional pain syndrome--Mb Sudec), which can follow the surgical correction of the deformity. In addition, the obligatory form of rehabilitation also involves kinesitherapy.

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