Physical theory of the electric wave-filter

  title={Physical theory of the electric wave-filter},
  author={George A. Campbell},
  journal={Bell System Technical Journal},
  • G. A. Campbell
  • Published 1 November 1922
  • Engineering
  • Bell System Technical Journal
Note: The electric wave-filter, an invention of Dr. Campbell, is one of the most important of present day circuit developments, being indispensable in many branches of electrical communication. It makes possible the separation of a broad band of frequencies into narrow bands in any desired manner, and as will be gathered from the present article, it effects the separation much more sharply than do tuned circuits. As the communication art develops, the need will arise to transmit a growing… 

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  • L. J. Peters
  • Engineering
    Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
  • 1923
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