Physical methods for genetic transformation of fungi and yeast.

  title={Physical methods for genetic transformation of fungi and yeast.},
  author={Ana Leonor Rivera and Denis Maga{\~n}a-Ort{\'i}z and Miguel Angel G{\'o}mez-Lim and Francisco Fern{\'a}ndez and Achim M. Loske},
  journal={Physics of life reviews},
  volume={11 2},
The production of transgenic fungi is a routine process. Currently, it is possible to insert genes from other fungi, viruses, bacteria and even animals, albeit with low efficiency, into the genomes of a number of fungal species. Genetic transformation requires the penetration of the transgene through the fungal cell wall, a process that can be facilitated by biological or physical methods. Novel methodologies for the efficient introduction of specific genes and stronger promoters are needed to… CONTINUE READING

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