Physical mapping of the MHC and grc by the pulse field electrophoresis

  title={Physical mapping of the MHC and grc by the pulse field electrophoresis},
  author={David Vardimon and Joseph D. Locker and Heinz W. Kunz and Thomas J. Gill},
The development of the physical map of the major histocompatibility complex of the rat was undertaken using pulse field gel electrophoresis of fragments of genomic DNA from the BIL/2 (grc +) and BIL/1 (grc −) strains obtained primarily from single and double digests with the enzymes Mlu I, Not I, and Sfi I and hybridized with a variety of mouse, rat, and human probes. Both strains are maintained by inbreeding the BIL heterozygote (forced heterozygosity; F31); hence, their differences lie almost… CONTINUE READING


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