Physical computation and compositionality

  title={Physical computation and compositionality},
  author={Nima Dehghani and Gianluca Caterina},
Developments in quantum computing and, more in general, non-standard computing systems, represent a clear indi-cation that the very notion of what a physical computing device is and does should be recast in a rigorous and sound framework. Physical computing has opened a whole stream of new research aimed to understand and control how information is processed by several types of physical devices. Therefore, classical definitions and entire frameworks need to be adapted in order to fit a broader… 

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Computers in Abstraction/Representation Theory

Recently, Horsman et al. (Proc R Soc Lond A 470:20140182, 2014) have proposed a new framework, Abstraction/Representation (AR) theory, for understanding and evaluating claims about unconventional or

Brains as Computers: Metaphor, Analogy, Theory or Fact?

  • R. Brette
  • Psychology
    Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
  • 2022
Whether electronic, analog or quantum, a computer is a programmable machine. Wilder Penfield held that the brain is literally a computer, because he was a dualist: the mind programs the brain. If

The Brain-Computer Metaphor Debate Is Useless: A Matter of Semantics

It is argued that the recurring brain-computer metaphor debate is actually just a semantic disagreement, because brains are either literally computers or clearly not very much like computers at all, depending on one's definitions.

The path to scalable quantum computing with silicon spin qubits

  • M. Vinet
  • Physics
    Nature Nanotechnology
  • 2021
Silicon spin qubits have demonstrated some promising properties at the individual level, but the technology is beleaguered by a late start and high barriers to entry. To overcome these challenges,

Why do we need a theory of implementation?

It is argued that the alternative, a unified account, is untenable, and once these issues are brought into sharper relief it can be seen that work remains to be done to illuminate the relationship between physical and mathematical computation.

Bio-inspired computing: Algorithms review, deep analysis, and the scope of applications

  • A. Darwish
  • Computer Science
    Future Computing and Informatics Journal
  • 2018

Does the solar system compute the laws of motion?

It is shown that the algorithm execution account entails limited pancomputationalism, despite Copeland’s argument to the contrary, and it is suggested that the counterfactual account should be accepted as it stands, pancomputableist warts and all.

A Category Theoretic Interpretation of Gandy's Principles for Mechanisms

This work gives category-theoretic axioms describing locally deterministic updates to finite objects describing what properties such a category should have and shows that every updating functor satisfying the authors' conditions is computable.