Physical-chemistry-based analysis of affymetrix microarray data.

  title={Physical-chemistry-based analysis of affymetrix microarray data.},
  author={Thomas Heim and L-C Tranchevent and Enrico Carlon and Gerard T. Barkema},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={110 45},
We analyze publicly available data on Affymetrix microarray spike-in experiments on the human HGU133 chipset in which sequences are added in solution at known concentrations. The spike-in set contains sequences of bacterial, human, and artificial origin. Our analysis is based on a recently introduced molecular-based model (Carlon, E.; Heim, T. Physica A 2006, 362, 433) that takes into account both probe-target hybridization and target-target partial hybridization in solution. The hybridization… CONTINUE READING