Physical attractiveness and monetary success in German Bundesliga

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That attractive people are more successful has been proved for many areas of life in the past. However, the effects of the attractiveness of professional athletes have not been examined yet. This is surprising as it is comparatively simple to measure the actual performance of this group of people and to control their performance in statistical models. In the study, 438 professional football players were examined who played in the 18 teams of the German Bundesliga in 2007 and 2008. It was… 
Does attractiveness win? On the gender-specific impact of attractiveness on athletic performance in tennis
This study examines whether there are gender-specific differences in regard to physical attractiveness of professional tennis players and their performance. For this purpose, the top 100 male and
Does Attractiveness Lead to or Follow From Occupational Success? Findings From German Associational Football
Prior research has provided evidence that attractiveness is associated with work-related advantages. It is less clear, however, whether attractiveness is an antecedent or a consequence of
The Impact of Attractiveness on Athletic Performance of Tennis Players
The present study examines whether there is an impact of physical attractiveness on athletic performance of professional tennis players. Moreover, this study analyses whether there are
Attractiveness is positively related to World Cup performance in male, but not female, biathletes
The findings show that elite male athletes display visible, attractive cues that reliably reflect their athletic performance, and that male biathletes were judged more attractive if they had achieved a higher peak performance in their career, whereas there was no significant relationship for female biath athletes.
Effects of a Perpetrator’s Physical Attractiveness, Socioeconomic Status and Gender on Behaviour Perception of the Participants of Sexual Harassment Situations
Sexual harassment is still a widespread problem in today’s modern society. Therefore, it is important to identify extralegal factors that shape society’s attitudes towards sexual harassment cases and
Football as work: the lived realities of professional women footballers in England
In 2011, the Football Association (FA), the national governing body of football in England, launched the first semi-professional league for women. The inception of the FA Women’s Super League (FA


Attractiveness and Income for Men and Women in Management1
It is commonly believed that attractive people are more successful, but the empirical support for this belief is mixed. A number of role-playing, laboratory studies have demonstrated that more
The Influence of Physical Attractiveness and Gender on Ultimatum Game Decisions.
  • Solnick, Schweitzer
  • Psychology
    Organizational behavior and human decision processes
  • 1999
Results from this study revealed no significant differences in the offers or demands attractive and unattractive people made, however, attractive people and men were treated differently by others.
What is beautiful is good, but…: A meta-analytic review of research on the physical attractiveness stereotype.
This review demonstrates that the physical attractiveness stereotype established by studies of person perception is not as strong or general as suggested by the often-used summary phrase what is
Physical Attractiveness and Popularity: A Predictive Study
The purpose of the study was to identify physical attractiveness as a causal antecedent to sociometric choice in kindergarten children. This required an assessment of attractiveness, unbiased by
Importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior.
It was proposed that an individual would most often expect to date, would try to date, and would like a partner of approximately his own social desirability. In brief, we attempted to apply level of
Physical Attractiveness, Opportunity, and Success in Everyday Exchange1
The role of perceived physical attractiveness in everyday exchange is addressed using a laboratory paradigm that examines both play–versus–not–play and cooperate–versus–defect choices in an ecology
The Physical Attractiveness Phenomena
Physical attractiveness phenomena permeate society with somber ramifica tions. Correspondingly, practical applications of physical attractiveness phenomena are extensive. The consequence is that
Role of physical attractiveness in impression formation
Male and female judges were given photographs, previously scaled as high, moderate, or low in physical attractiveness, and were asked to record their impressions of the stimulus persons on an
What do women want? Facialmetric assessment of multiple motives in the perception of male facial physical attractiveness.
Three quasi-experiments demonstrated that men who possessed the neotenous features of large eyes, the mature features of prominent cheekbones and a large chin, the expressive feature of a big smile, and high-status clothing were seen as more attractive than other men.
We report the findings of a meta-analytic review of experimental studies concerned with the biasing effect of physical attractiveness on a variety of job-related outcomes. In support of implicit