Physical attractiveness and its relationship to sex-role stereotyping

  title={Physical attractiveness and its relationship to sex-role stereotyping},
  author={Daniel Bar-Tal and Leonard Saxe},
  journal={Sex Roles},
On the basis of recent findings showing that physical attractiveness serves as an important evaluative cue in person perception, the present paper reviews evidence which indicates that physical attractiveness differentially affects the judgments of males and females. Recent research seems to indicate that the physical-attractiveness stereotype — which holds that attractive individuals are more positively evaluated across a wide range of dimensions than unattractive individuals — is more potent… 

Categorization and the Physical Attractiveness Stereotype

Five experiments tested the hypothesis that observers use the physical attractiveness of women to encode and organize memories of their behavior during a simulated discussion. Four of these

"Physical attractiveness stereotype" and the attribution of homosexuality revisited.

The subjects assigned higher homosexuality ratings to the unattractive males and females compared to their attractive counterparts, and gender of subject and attitudes toward homosexuality did not significantly affect evaluations.

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The present study investigated the effect of attitudes toward women, physical attractiveness, and competence on impression formation of women. Male and female undergraduates read a competent or

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Much evidence exists that facially attractive persons are perceived to possess more positive personality traits than are facially unattractive persons. This stereotype is known to be more potent when

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The present investigation examines the effects of sex role and attractiveness information of subjects' perceptions of a stimulus person (SP). Male and female SPs who were attractive, moderately

Gender and Age Differences in the Importance of Physical Attractiveness: Advertising Presentations and Motives For Comparison For Pre-Adolescent Children'

The study investigates the importance of physical attractiveness across the sexes, focusing on possible differences in the motives for social comparison held by first andfifth grade males andfemales

What is beautiful is good, but…: A meta-analytic review of research on the physical attractiveness stereotype.

This review demonstrates that the physical attractiveness stereotype established by studies of person perception is not as strong or general as suggested by the often-used summary phrase what is

Physical Attractiveness and Sexual Activity of College Students

This study was conducted to ascertain the role attractiveness plays in the sexual behaviors of women. A convenience sample of 101 white female college students from a large midwestern university

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Summary Past research has demonstrated a relationship between personality characterisics and body types and also a clear relationship between personality traits and sex role stereotyping. The present

The role of facial masculinity/femininity in the attribution of homosexuality

This study examined whether subjects would differentially perceive male and female faces as homosexual based upon facial masculinity/femininity, and the extent to which their attitudes toward



Physical attractiveness, social relations, and personality style.

There was a positive relationship between physical attractiveness and dating for females, but not for males, and a reliable rating of physical attractiveness showed that rejected subjects were most attractive, accepted subjects were next most attractive and unknown subjects were least attractive.

Relations among physical attractiveness, body attitudes, and self-concept in male and female college students.

Results indicated that males and females rated the importance of the body characteristics for both their own and opposite-sex physical attractiveness in a markedly similar manner.

Sex Differences in Dating Aspirations and Satisfaction with Computer-Selected Partners

The structural-functional views of Talcott Parsons are used as the rationale for predicting sex differences in dating aspirations and partner satisfaction. Blind dates were arranged for 500 male and

Importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior.

It was proposed that an individual would most often expect to date, would try to date, and would like a partner of approximately his own social desirability. In brief, we attempted to apply level of

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In discussing differences between males and females, people are generally inclined to consider the existing physical differences as the chief source of their divergence in character and in social

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Beliefs and attitudes which were expected to reflect current changes in and tensions about the roles of the two sexes were studied by means of a two-hundred-word adjective check list. One hundred men

Cultural Contradictions and Sex Roles: The Masculine Case

This study found that male seniors would suffer from socially structured scarcity of resources for living up to the norm of masculine intellectual superiority in their relationships with female friends who are also college students of nearly the same age.

Research Note: The Effect of Physical Attractiveness on Teacher Expectations*

Rosenthal and Jacobson found that a teacher's expectations about a child's behavior strongly influence his actual behavior. Generally, teachers form their first impressions of children, and thus

Occupational Characteristics and Males' Role Performance in the Family.

A review of the literature linking men's occupational activities to their performance of marital and parental roles shows a number of intriguing relationships. The usual dichotomization of