Physical attractiveness: The influence of selected torso parameters

  title={Physical attractiveness: The influence of selected torso parameters},
  author={Theodore Horvath},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • T. Horvath
  • Published 1 February 1981
  • Psychology
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
Front-view line drawings of male and female physiques were rated for attractiveness. Both subject sexes rated female physiques with greater curvature as less attractive. Male subjects' ratings were unaffected by breast size while female subjects showed slight negative evaluation of large breasts. Both subjects sexes rated broad shoulders as attractive in male physiques. Greater chest muscularity resulted in slightly higher attractiveness ratings; waist slimness was also judged attractive… 

Female Breast Size Attractiveness for Men as a Function of Sociosexual Orientation (Restricted vs. Unrestricted)

The results of the study indicate that sociosexuality influences male perception of female breast attractiveness and confirm that accentuation of female-specific physical traits produces a stronger response in unrestricted than in restricted men.

Judging Physical Attractiveness

The present study attempted to determine what body parts and functions young adults use in judging physical attractiveness and how these body items are related to different dimensions of body esteem.

Measuring the physical in physical attractiveness: quasi-experiments on the sociobiology of female facial beauty

Two quasi-experiments investigated the relation between specific adult female facial features and the attraction, attribution, and altruistic responses of adult males. Precise measurements were

Female judgment of male attractiveness and desirability for relationships: role of waist-to-hip ratio and financial status.

  • D. Singh
  • Psychology
    Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1995
All women, regardless of their age, education level, or family income, rated figures with WHRs in the typical male range and higher financial status more favorably, explained within an evolutionary mate selection context.

Physical attractiveness and health in Western societies: a review.

The authors find that there is some indication that attractiveness has an overall relationship with health among women, but little indication that male attractiveness relates to male health.

What do women want? Facialmetric assessment of multiple motives in the perception of male facial physical attractiveness.

Three quasi-experiments demonstrated that men who possessed the neotenous features of large eyes, the mature features of prominent cheekbones and a large chin, the expressive feature of a big smile, and high-status clothing were seen as more attractive than other men.

Males Prefer a Larger Bust Size in Women Than Females Themselves: An Experimental Study on Female Bodily Attractiveness with Varying Weight, Bust Size, Waist Width, Hip Width, and Leg Length Independently

The results showed that women prefer slightly wider hips, a narrower waist, and longer legs than men (highly significant but small effects), and a clear difference was found with regard to the ideal bust size: 40% of men but only 25% of women preferred a large bust.

Sex Differences for Preferences of Shoulder to Hip Ratio in Men and Women: an Eye Tracking Study

Shoulder to hip ratio (SHR) is a sexually dimorphic trait in humans, yet no previous study has investigated the gazing behavior and perceived physical attractiveness of men and women in relation to

Eye-Tracking of Men’s Preferences for Waist-to-Hip Ratio and Breast Size of Women

Eye-tracking techniques are used to provide quantitative data on eye movements that occur during male judgments of the attractiveness of female images, and indicate that assessments of the female hourglass figure probably occur very rapidly.



Correlates of physical beauty in men and women

Front-view drawings of male and female figures were rated for attractiveness by partici-pants of both sexes. Participant sex did not affect the physique parameters judged relatively attractive. For

Female preferences for male physiques.


A multivariate analysis of the preference ratings of 96 male undergraduates for 105 pairs of nude female silhouettes differing in breast size, buttocks size, and leg size, suggested that there are at

Interpersonal attraction and relationships.

This review focuses on interpersonal attraction and informal affective relationships between adults and naturalistic settings, which were the locus for Moreno's (222) early ventures into sociometry, and Festinger, Schachter & Back's (2) naturalistic sets.

Correlates of heterosexual somatic preference.