Physical and mechanical properties of Gokceada: Imbros (NE Aegean Sea) Island andesites

  title={Physical and mechanical properties of Gokceada: Imbros (NE Aegean Sea) Island andesites},
  author={Cengiz Kurtuluş and Tahir Serkan Irmak and İbrahim Sertçelik},
  journal={Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment},
The physical and mechanical properties of the andesite forming much of the island of Gökçeada (Imbros), Turkey, were investigated using 54 mm samples cores from 12 blocks obtained from a quarry. The results were evaluated using regression analysis and good empirical relationships were obtained.RésuméLes propriétés physiques et mécaniques des andésites formant la plus grande partie de l’île de Gökçeada (Imbros) en Turquie ont été établies à partir de carottes de 54 mm de diamètre venant de douze… 

Prediction of mechanical behaviour from mineralogical composition of Sakesar limestone, Central Salt Range, Pakistan

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A rapid method of determining the strength of rocks in situ