Physical and functional map of the hemolytic plasmid pSU316.

  title={Physical and functional map of the hemolytic plasmid pSU316.},
  author={Isabel Andr{\'e}s and Joan C. Rodr{\'i}guez and Jose Manuel Burgos Ortiz},
  volume={11 1},
A restriction endonuclease analysis of the hemolytic plasmid pSU316 has allowed location of the cleavage sites for the endonucleases BamHI, XbaI, KpnI, Bg/II, Sa/GI, EcoRI, and HindIII. Hybridization experiments between pSU316 and pED100 have shown that the tra region of pSU316 lies in a segment comprising part of Sa/GI fragments S-1 and S-3 and the entire fragment S-4. The positions of other plasmids coded functions, namely the replication functions and alpha-hemolysin production, have been… CONTINUE READING

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