Physical and chemical characterization of asphalt (bitumen) paving exposures.

  title={Physical and chemical characterization of asphalt (bitumen) paving exposures.},
  author={Robert F. Herrick and Michael D Mcclean and John D Meeker and Leonard M. Zwack and Kevin F. Hanley},
  journal={Journal of occupational and environmental hygiene},
  volume={4 Suppl 1},
The purpose of this research was to characterize the physical and chemical properties of asphalt (bitumen) fume and vapor in hot mix asphalt roadway paving operations. Area and personal air samples were taken using real-time equipment and extractive sampling and analytical methods to determine worker asphalt exposure, as well as to characterize the properties of the particulate and vapor phase components. Analysis of personal inhalation and dermal samples by gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy… CONTINUE READING
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