Physical and biological properties of barium cross-linked alginate membranes.

  title={Physical and biological properties of barium cross-linked alginate membranes.},
  author={Heiko Zimmermann and Felix C W{\"a}hlisch and Claudia Baier and Markus Westhoff and Randolph Reuss and Dirk Zimmermann and Marcus Behringer and Friederike Ehrhart and Alisa Katsen-Globa and Christoph Giese and Uwe Marx and Vladimir L. Sukhorukov and Julio Alberto V{\'a}squez and Peter Jakob and Stephen Shirley and U. Zimmermann},
  volume={28 7},
We describe the manufacture of highly stable and elastic alginate membranes with good cell adhesivity and adjustable permeability. Clinical grade, ultra-high viscosity alginate is gelled by diffusion of Ba2+ followed by use of the "crystal gun" [Zimmermann H. et al., Fabrication of homogeneously cross-linked, functional alginate microcapsules validated by NMR-, CLSM- and AFM-imaging. Biomaterials 2003;24:2083-96]. Burst pressure of well-hydrated membranes is between 34 and 325kPa depending on… CONTINUE READING


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