Physical activity levels in children and adolescents

  title={Physical activity levels in children and adolescents},
  author={Marije B. Hoos and W J M Gerver and Arnold D. M. Kester and Klass R Westerterp},
  journal={International Journal of Obesity},
BACKGROUND: Reference data for physical activity level (PAL) and activity-related energy expenditure (AEE) are needed for a better understanding of the effect of activity on childhood health, growth and developmentOBJECTIVE: Data from 17 studies measuring TDEE (TDEE) with doubly labelled water DLW were combined to construct a reference line for PAL and AEE as a function of age.DESIGN: A total of 17 studies from the literature were analyzed; 17 on girls and 16 on boys. Children were aged 3–16 y… CONTINUE READING