Physical activity and colon cancer risk.

  title={Physical activity and colon cancer risk.},
  author={Maria Gerhardsson and Birgitta Floderus and S. E. Norell},
  journal={International journal of epidemiology},
  volume={17 4},
The association between low physical activity and colon cancer was examined in a Swedish 14-year follow-up study of 16,477 subjects. The relative risk (RR) of colon cancer in subjects with low physical activity was estimated at 3.6 (1.3-9.8, 95% confidence interval). An association was observed for both men and women, and for low physical activity during occupational hours (RR = 1.6, 0.8-2.9) as well as during recreational hours (RR = 1.6, 1.0-2.7). The relative risk for rectal cancer was not… CONTINUE READING

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