Physical activity, leisure habits and obesity in first-grade children.

  title={Physical activity, leisure habits and obesity in first-grade children.},
  author={Christine Graf and Benjamin M Koch and Sigrid Dordel and Sabine Schindler-Marlow and A Icks and Arnold Sch{\"u}ller and Birna Bjarnason-Wehrens and Walter Tokarski and H G Predel},
  journal={European journal of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation : official journal of the European Society of Cardiology, Working Groups on Epidemiology & Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology},
  volume={11 4},
BACKGROUND Overweight and obesity are already on the rise in early childhood years. The relationships between genetic factors, malnutrition and physical inactivity are the underlying mechanisms. In this study, we examine the association between body indices, motor abilities and active (sport) and passive (television/computer) leisure time activities in a cohort of first-grade pupils. METHODS The study group consisted of 344 children (51.5% male, 48.5% female). They were 6.8+/-0.4 years old… CONTINUE READING
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