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Physical Therapy For Low Back Pain With A Focus On McKenzie Method For Diagnosis And Treatment: A Case Report

  title={Physical Therapy For Low Back Pain With A Focus On McKenzie Method For Diagnosis And Treatment: A Case Report},
  author={Macey N Berube},

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Evaluating the effectiveness of various forms of physical therapy in low back pain treatment
Peloid therapy, ultrasound therapy and magnet therapy used on patients with low back pain, showed analgesic effects, increased patients’ physical activity, and decreased their degree of disability.
Physiotherapy and lumbar facet joint injections as a combination treatment for chronic low back pain. A narrative review of lumbar facet joint injections, lumbar spinal mobilizations, soft tissue massage and lower back mobility exercises.
It is indicated that lumbar facet joint injections create a short period when pain is reduced and physiotherapy treatments including land-based lower back mobility exercise and soft tissue massage may be of benefit during this time to improve the longer-term outcomes of patients with CLBP.
Clinical availability of the deep tendon reflex test using a novel apparatus in healthy subjects
The results show that it is possible to use the novel apparatus described herein to obtain reliable results in the DTR test.
Efficacy of core muscle strengthening exercise in chronic low back pain patients.
It is concluded that core muscle strengthening exercise along with lumbar flexibility and gluteus maximus strengthening is an effective rehabilitation technique for all chronic low back pain patients irrespective of duration (less of duration and more than one year) of their pain.
Effect of interferential current therapy on pain perception and disability level in subjects with chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial
A two-week transregional interferential current treatment has shown significant short-term efficacy, when compared with a ‘usual care’ protocol, on self-perceived pain and functionality in subjects with chronic low back pain.
Reliability of McKenzie classification of patients with cervical or lumbar pain.
Effectiveness of a home exercise programme in low back pain: a randomized five-year follow-up study.
The present randomized study indicates that supervised, controlled home exercises lead to reduced low back pain, and that positive effects were preserved over five years.
A comparison of mckenzie therapy with electrophysical agents for the treatment of work related low back pain: A randomized controlled trial.
McKenzie therapy reduces pain, and disability, among subjects with chronic LBP, and is more effective than EPAs group.
The slump test : Clinical applications and interpretations
The slump test is a physical examination procedure used for evaluating patients with spinal and lower extremity complaints. The test seeks to rule out or identifY tension in the neuromeningeal tract.
The effectiveness of the McKenzie method in addition to first-line care for acute low back pain: a randomized controlled trial
When added to the currently recommended first-line care of acute low back pain, a treatment programme based on the McKenzie method does not produce appreciable additional short-term improvements in pain, disability, function or global perceived effect.