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Reduced critical slowing down for statistical physics simulations.

Wang-Landau simulations offer the possibility to integrate explicitly over a collective coordinate and stochastically over the remainder of configuration space. We propose to choose the so-called

The Wave Trace and Resonances of the Magnetic Hamiltonian with Singular Vector Potentials

We study leading order singularities of the wave trace of the Aharonov–Bohm Hamiltonian on $$\mathbf {R}^2$$ R 2 with multiple solenoids under a generic assumption that no three solenoids are

Structural and Anisotropic Elastic Properties of Hexagonal YMnO3 in Low Symmetry Determined by First-Principles Calculations

The structural, elastic and anisotropic properties for rare earth manganites compound YMnO3 in ferromagnetic state with hexagonal structure, have been investigated using the ab initio calculations

Tethered single-legged molecular spiders on independent 1D tracks

It is found that a team of one-legged walkers on parallel tracks, connected by a flexible tether, does enjoy a superdiffusive transient and is able to diffuse more quickly through the product sea than two-leggedWalkers, which leads to longer periods of superdiffusion.

Two kinds of phase transition in photonic systems with application to optical isolation

This thesis concerns the study of two kinds of phase transitions, parity-time(PT ) symmetric phase transitions and topological phase transitions, using photonic systems. In the first part of the

Assessing Tauc Plot Slope Quantification: ZnO Thin Films as a Model System

One of the most frequently used methods for characterizing thin films is UV–Vis absorption. The near‐edge region can be fitted to a simple expression where the intercept gives the band gap and the

Complementarity analysis of interference between frequency-shifted photonic wave packets

The complementarity relation between the spectral distinguishability of frequency-shifted photonic wave packets in a Hong–Ou–Mandel interferometer and the resulting interferogram’s visibility is

Transmittance analysis of Silver selenide thin films

  • Materials Science
  • 2017
Silver selenide thin films of thickness between 80 nm and 160 nm were thermally evaporated at a high vacuum better than 10 mbar at a rate of 0.2nm/sec on well cleaned glass substrates. From XRD

Ellipsometric studies on Silver telluride and Silver selenide thin films

  • Physics
  • 2017
Silver telluride thin films of thickness from 16 nm to 145 nm and Silver selenide thin films of thickness from 80 nm to 160 nm were thermally evaporated on well cleaned glass substrates at high