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  author={Chantelle Russell},
IN a lecture delivered before the Anglo-Swedish Society and published in the December issue of the Anglo-Swedish Review on the development of physical education in Great Britain and the Dominions, Miss P. Spafford, organizing secretary of the Ling Physical Education Association, said that organized physical education in Great Britain and the Dominions originated in the elementary schools, while the educational, medical and recreative gymnastics were based on Per Henrik Ling's principles. In… 
Physical Education in State and Private Schools in Britain in the Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Centuries: Elementary Schools and Other Schools
  • Education
  • 2010
It has been necessary to examine the emergence and development of organized games in nineteenth-century English public schools in order to set the scene for later discussion on the diffusion of
Dance within the National Curriculum for Physical Education of England and Wales
Dissonance has arisen among members of the PE profession because many dance teachers, and particularly those working in secondary schools, now consider their subject to be part of arts education; many are in creative or performing arts faculties, and increasing numbers have received a specialist dance training.
Health and Physical Education as an Important Part of School Curricula: A Comparison of Schools for the Deaf in the Czech Republic and the United States
Findings indicated that the general trend in physical education has changed from a focus on sports performance to health-promoting activities and there were opportunities for teachers to revise curriculum programs to further promote the health and academic success of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Physical education in the middle years of schooling
This study was designed to examine the role of the specialist trained teacher of physical education in the middle schools designated 8–12 years. Comparisons were made of curriculum content and
Physical Education in Tanzanian Secondary Schools : Perceptions towards Physical Education as an Academic Discipline
Programmed physical activities with a particular goal are as educative as any other non-physical program. As academic discipline, Physical Education (PE) in Tanzania was introduced in secondary
Evaluation of the physical education and sports curriculum in Turkish schools
This study assesses the vocational education courses given in schools of physical education and sport at Turkish universities and their use in the life of professionals. This study investigates 55
The Provision of Physical Education in Primary Initial Teacher Training Courses in England and Wales
Introduction The concerns of primary school teachers on the adequacy of their initial teacher training (ITT) in physical education are well documented (Williams, 1979; Kerr and Rodgers, 1981; Jess,
Physical Education in Trinidad and Tobago: Dilemmas of and Opportunities for Movement across a Contested Field
This thesis is mainly concerned with gaining critical insights into the development of physical education in Trinidad and Tobago, by drawing on the personal and professional lives of six physical
An approach to re-skilling of in-service teachers in Physical Education in South African schools
During the past two decades, curriculum restructuring in South Africa has had some unintended consequences; one of these being the unrealistic demands expected from Life Skills (LS) and Life
The challenges of teaching physical education: juxtaposing the experiences of physical education teachers in Kenya and Victoria (Australia)
There is a lot that PE teachers can learn from each other in matters concerning curriculum time allocation, class sizes, teachers' professional affiliation, examination and assessment, school sport, and use of technology, among others.


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