Physical Conditions in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 2992

  title={Physical Conditions in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 2992},
  author={Mark G. Allen and Michael A. Dopita and Zlatan I. Tsvetanov and R. S. Sutherland},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
This paper presents long-slit spectral maps of the bicone-shaped extended narrow-line region (ENLR) in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 2992. We investigate the physical properties of the ENLR via emission-line diagnostics and compare the observations to shock and photoionization models for the excitation mechanism of the gas. The line ratios vary as a function of position in the ENLR, and the loci of the observed points on line ratio diagrams are shown to be most consistent with shock+precursor model… 

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