Physical Acoustics in the Solid State

  title={Physical Acoustics in the Solid State},
  author={Albert Migliori},
  journal={Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  • A. Migliori
  • Published 3 January 2006
  • Physics
  • Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
This article reviews Physical Acoustics in the Solid State by B. Luthi , Berlin, 2005. 428 pp. Price $179.00 (hardcover). ISBN: 3540229108. 

On the attenuation problem of longitudinal sound waves in a conductor

  • A. Yushkanov
  • Physics
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • 2019
The problem of the attenuation of longitudinal sound oscillations in a conducting medium is considered. The approach is based on the interaction of electron gas with the sound wave. This interaction

Phonon diodes and transistors from magneto-acoustics

By sculpting the magnetic field applied to magneto-acoustic materials, phonons can be used for information processing. Using a combination of analytic and numerical techniques, we demonstrate designs

Nonreciprocal propagation of surface acoustic wave in Ni/LiNbO3

We have investigated surface acoustic wave propagation in Ni/LiNbO$_3$ hybrid devices. We have found the absorption and phase velocity are dependent on the sign of wave vector in a device, which

J un 2 01 0 Acoustic Faraday effect in Tb 3 Ga 5 O 12

A. Sytcheva, U. Löw, S. Yasin, J. Wosnitza, S. Zherlitsyn, P. Thalmeier, T. Goto, P. Wyder, and B. Lüthi Hochfeld-Magnetlabor Dresden (HLD), Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, 01314 Dresden,

Ultrasonic study of the hidden order and heavy-fermion state in URu2Si2 with hydrostatic pressure, Rh-doping, and high magnetic fields

This paper reports recent progress of ultrasonic measurements on URuSi, including ultrasonic measurements under hydrostatic pressure, in pulsed magnetic fields, and the effect of Rh-substitution. The

Transverse Peierls Transition

In the present paper, we have discussed a new type of spontaneous symmetry breaking phases caused by the softening of the transverse acoustic phonon modes through the electron phonon coupling. These

Title Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Near Criticality : From Nodal Semimetals to High-Temperature Superconductors

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Near Criticality: From Nodal Semimetals to High-Temperature Superconductors

Ultrafast laser-induced guided elastic waves in a freestanding aluminum membrane

Ultrafast laser-induced guided acoustic waves in thin, freely suspended films are important for many applications adopting the laser-ultrasonics technique. These waves show unique dispersion