Physical, chemical and pharmacological characterization of a new oleogel-forming triterpene extract from the outer bark of birch (betulae cortex).

  title={Physical, chemical and pharmacological characterization of a new oleogel-forming triterpene extract from the outer bark of birch (betulae cortex).},
  author={Melanie N. Laszczyk and Sebastian J{\"a}ger and Birgit Simon-Haarhaus and Armin Scheffler and Christoph M Schempp},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={72 15},
Triterpenes are biologically active secondary plant substances that display antimicrobial, hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. However, the poor solubility of triterpenes in both polar and non-polar solvents as well as expensive purification procedures have prevented the large-scale isolation of these compounds for medicinal purposes. Here, we describe a novel quantitative extraction method of triterpenes from the outer bark of birch (Betula species) in which betulin, a lupan… 

Pentacyclic Triterpene Distribution in Various Plants – Rich Sources for a New Group of Multi-Potent Plant Extracts

Pentacyclic triterpenes are secondary plant metabolites widespread in fruit peel, leaves and stem bark display various pharmacological effects while being devoid of prominent toxicity and are promising leading compounds for the development of new multi-targeting bioactive agents.

Anti-inflammatory effects of methyl ursolate obtained from a chemically derived crude extract of apple peels: potential use in rheumatoid arthritis

Methyl ursolate (MU) may be considered to be a useful anti-inflammatory derivative to overcome the inherent poor solubility of UA for formulating pharmaceutical products.

A Preliminary Pharmacokinetic Study of Betulin, the Main Pentacyclic Triterpene from Extract of Outer Bark of Birch (Betulae alba cortex)

Preliminary pharmacokinetics of betulin and results of a subchronic toxicity study of TE in rats and dogs show triterpene extract from birch bark is safe, its betulin is bioavailable and in addition to published triterpenes biological activities TE provides high potential for further pharmaceutical and pharmacological research.

Oleogels with Birch Bark Dry Extract: Extract Saving Formulations through Gelation Enhancing Additives

The most pronounced enhancement of gelation was found for 1,6-hexanediol, which reduced the amount of triterpene extract (TE), which is necessary for the formation of an oleogel by a factor of 10.

Comprehensive Review on Betulin as a Potent Anticancer Agent

The anticancer and chemopreventive potential of BE in vitro and in vivo is summarized by carefully dissecting and comparing the doses and tumour lines used in previous studies, as well as focusing on mechanisms underlying its activity at cellular and molecular level, and discuss future prospects.

Birch Bark Dry Extract by Supercritical Fluid Technology: Extract Characterisation and Use for Stabilisation of Semisolid Systems

Triterpene compounds like betulin, betulinic acid, erythrodiol, oleanolic acid and lupeol are known for many pharmacological effects. All these substances are found in the outer bark of birch. Apart

A Novel Triterpene Extract from Mistletoe Induces Rapid Apoptosis in Murine B16.F10 Melanoma Cells

Findings suggest the use of STE from mistletoe as a solvent‐free anticancer drug for preclinical animal experiments and clinical trials.

From a Traditional Medicinal Plant to a Rational Drug: Understanding the Clinically Proven Wound Healing Efficacy of Birch Bark Extract

This comprehensive study on the underlying molecular mechanisms of the wound healing properties of a well-defined birch bark preparation named as TE (triterpene extract) as well as the isolated single triterpenes in human primary keratinocytes and porcine ex-vivo wound healing models identifies birch Bark as the first medical plant with a high potential to improve wound healing, a field which urgently needs effective remedies.

Betulin a pentacyclic tri–terpenoid: an hour to rethink the compound

Mother earth, a bionetwork enriched with plethora of remarkable plants holding numerous beneficial chemical compounds, which play an integral role in maintaining the lives stealth and safe. Betulin