Physical, chemical, and histological characteristics of 18 lamb muscles.

  title={Physical, chemical, and histological characteristics of 18 lamb muscles.},
  author={T E Tschirhart-Hoelscher and Ben Baird and David A. King and D.-S. McKenna and Jeffrey W. Savell},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={73 1},
Muscles (n=18) were dissected from each side of 20 lamb carcasses to characterize physical, chemical, and histological traits. Muscles from the right sides were used to measure color values, expressible moisture, pH, total collagen content, and sarcomere length. Muscles from the left sides were aged for 7d and used to determine Warner-Bratzler shear (WBS) force values. The M. adductor and M. semimembranosus had the darkest colored lean (lowest L(∗) values), whereas the M. latissimus dorsi and M… CONTINUE READING
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