Physic-chemical evaluation of leach and water from the Borba Gato streamlet within the catchment area of the urban waste landfill of Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil

  title={Physic-chemical evaluation of leach and water from the Borba Gato streamlet within the catchment area of the urban waste landfill of Maring{\'a}, Paran{\'a} State, Brazil},
  author={Marta Eliane Echeverria Borges and Carlos de Barros J{\'u}nior},
  journal={Acta Scientiarum-technology},
The physic-chemical characteristics of leach deposited in the landfill waste pond and of water from the Borba Gato streamlet are evaluated. Twenty-six physic-chemical parameters were analyzed from three collection sites, or rather, two in the streamlet, one upstream (P-01) and one downstream (P-02) of the landfill waste pond, and one in the leach deposit pond (P-03). The streamlet area under analysis was impacted due to being in an agricultural area and for its urban waste deposits. Parameter… 
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