Phylogeography of mitochondrial DNA variation in brown bears and polar bears.

  title={Phylogeography of mitochondrial DNA variation in brown bears and polar bears.},
  author={Gerald F. Shields and darius. adams and Garth Garner and M Labelle and Jacy Pietsch and Michelle Ramsay and Chuck Schwartz and Kimberly J. Titus and Sondra Williamson},
  journal={Molecular phylogenetics and evolution},
  volume={15 2},
We analyzed 286 nucleotides of the middle portion of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene of 61 brown bears from three locations in Alaska and 55 polar bears from Arctic Canada and Arctic Siberia to test our earlier observations of paraphyly between polar bears and brown bears as well as to test the extreme uniqueness of mitochondrial DNA types of brown bears on Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof (ABC) islands of southeastern Alaska. We also investigated the phylogeography of brown bears of… CONTINUE READING

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